It is one of the simplest methods to get Echo Plus Setup. With the use of Amazon Alexa, you can directly make phone calls straight away with AI technology. The sensitive sound of Amazon Alexa recognized human voice thoroughly. The speaker device can be set up to the Alexa app.

What is Download Alexa App?

An Amazon echo dot is an inbuilt speaker in addition to the 1st generation Amazon echo dot supports to connect to speaker using Bluetooth device. It can also be connected through audio cable provided after setting up Amazon Dot Alexa. Advantages and features: An Amazon Echo plus Setup has several features for Download Alexa app that has made life in simplest form in terms of humans. It takes over entire thing starting from detecting your voice to addressing Alexa after Echo plus Setup.

These are the following features of Amazon Echo Dot and other benefits:
– Amazon Alexa Setup.
– Microsoft Bing Search Engine.
– 360 surrounded Bluetooth speakers.
– Google Calendar.
– Movie theatre information.
– Shopping listings and To-do lists.
– Track everyday purchases and orders directly on Amazon.
– Forecast weather updates.
– Traffic updates and other local news.
– It controls everything in smart home right from LIFX, Nest, Haiku Homes, lights, fans, garage doors, sprinklers, locks etc.
– Act for multiple alarms and timers.
– Audio books from audible apps.
– Prime and Pandora music available.
– Echo skills which are a phase of Alexa app.
– Spottily Premium.
– Voice calling for sending text messages.
– Kid-friendly features for Alexa.

Why Download Alexa App is a friendly feature?
– The famous Alexa app can be easily found in the play store of mobile device.
– You must download Alexa app free of cost the initial step is to get Echo Dot Setup.
– The application can also be accessible through Wi-Fi connection. Just visit one of the following browsers Firefox,     Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer (IE 10 or higher). There are multiple activities that can be performed through the device when connected to the Alexa App.

The availability of the app is also there on smart phones or tablets.
Android 4.4.
Fire 3.0.
 IOS 8.0.

Turn on Amazon Echo Plus Setup It is positioned in central region with at least 20 centimeters away from walls or windows. Just plug into the power adapter into Amazon Echo Dot and power outlet. Now wait for the light ring on the device to start. If it turns blue to orange then Alexa will greet you with message that orange light is turned on. An Amazon Echo plus Setup needs high-power adapter and other USB power adapters. The adapters likewise power chargers do not provide enough power to the device when used for charging.

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